Feel like you're a world away.

Leave on the early morning flight from Seattle, and I can have you on the water by noon. We are remote, yet accessible, in one of the most spectacular settings in the world. – Curt Heikell, Owner

Yakutat is remote, but that doesn’t mean your accommodations need to be rustic. Monti Bay was designed by friends who love to fish year after year – and kick back in comfort.

You’ll find the things that people who fish can appreciate – dry off rooms, space for gear, vacuum packers and easy boat rentals. Our amenities are designed for Alaska nights and early mornings – blackout shades, extra blankets, coffee makers that can serve a crowd. And when the day is done, relax in large spaces that friends want to gather – whether around the fire, or around the BBQ overlooking the bay.

The secret to this hidden gem?

A World War II airstrip that drops you right on the incredible Yakutat Bay, just minutes from the Monti Bay Lodge and Resort. Opening to the Gulf of Alaska with a line of rocky reef stretching across the its mouth, the Yakutat Bay is home to a large and diverse population of sea life and a warm Kuroshio current. The waters are rich in nutrients, feeding sea creatures and fish like herring, rockfish, lingcod, halibut and salmon. Turn inland and you’ll find the famous Situk River, known world-wide for steelhead, king, sockeye, pink, and silver salmon runs.

Good times since 2005.

Curt Heikell started the Monti Bay Lodge in 2005 after years of enjoying fishing in Yakutat with his father. It's now a destination for friends and families that make Monti Bay an annual tradition for fishing, fun and amazing adventures.


Too many great memories to list. This is my happy place.
Kevin McDill
Kevin McDill