If you’re coming to Yakutat for fishing, a key part of the experience is finding a great captain to guide you to the best locations for halibut, salmon and lingcod. So where do you start?

We often get asked if we have our own charter boats at Monti Bay Lodge. We don’t, and for a very simple reason: we’re focused on providing great experiences for our guests. And to do that, we’ve built strong relationships with the best local captains and charter boat companies throughout Yakutat.

“At Monti Bay, we don't rely on a single captain. We depend upon a fleet of Yakutat locals who fish these waters all year round, not just the high season. It means that we can help you find great captains that can make sure your trip is memorable."
- Curt Heikell, Owner Monti Bay Lodge

Here’s how it works in Yakutat:

  • Charter boats range from 28 - 34 feet, and are licensed to take up to six anglers. If you’ve got less than six in your group, captains may pair you with others looking to go out for the day.
  • Local rates per person are $350 for full day, $250 for half day, and must be paid in cash
  • Rates are based on a three person minimum
  • Per the local regulations, halibut fishing is not allowed on Tuesdays between July 16 - August 13, 2019 and on Wednesdays in 2019
  • Guests should be prepared for the day on the water with rain gear, food and drinks

As a guest of Monti Bay Lodge, we’re happy to connect you with captains so that you can work directly on scheduling and payment. If you would like help with booking, and would like to pay captains by credit card, we are set up to handle that for you. We add on $145 service fee and local taxes.

After the day is done, bring back your catch to our fish processing room with vacuum sealer and freezer space, or let us take care of the details with local fish processing services.

Want more info? Just email us at hello@nwadventures.co