Spectacular and remote, Yakutat is an angler’s paradise

Experience the best of ocean, bay and river fishing.

Imagine 275 miles of remote coastline, the largest steelhead catch in Alaska, all five species of Pacific salmon, and year round halibut fishing. Yakutat is the only permanent settlement along this remote stretch of coastline, a village with a population of approximately 650 people.

Opening to the Gulf of Alaska with a line of rocky reef stretching across the its mouth, the Yakutat Bay is home to a large and diverse population of sea life and a warm Kuroshio current.  The waters are rich in nutrients, feeding sea creatures and fish like herring, rockfish, lingcod, halibut and salmon.

Turn inland and you’ll find the famous Situk River (pronounced Sea-Tuck), known world-wide for steelhead, king, sockeye, pink and silver salmon runs.

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